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Ever since we got into this business, we always find out customers worried about Carpet Cleaning. Carpets when cared properly are not at all a high maintenance furnishing, unlike the popular belief. Carpets shall be cleaned regularly using the Vacuum Cleaner at home, which is not at all a tedious task.

Technically a carpet shall be cleaned twice a year, i.e., to retain the sheen & elaborate the colors once again. The popular solutions that are available in the stores however shall be used carefully and appropriate measure shall be taken while using them. If you are using some detergents or chemical solutions make sure that you cover your hands while cleaning. We do not recommend keeping kids closer while you are on the carpet cleaning task. Once done, make sure that the room windows are open to enable cross ventilation so that the chemical smell, particles in the air go away.

The following could be used as the Carpet Cleaning Equipments:

1. Vacuum Cleaners
2. Brushes – only soft ones for merino wool carpets
3. Steam Cleaning Machines

In case of removing stains for ketchups or whiskey, throw-ups or let us say stains your carpets got during a party – be careful with your cleaning. Ideally a soft cloth piece preferably white should be used to clean the carpet stains.

Do not panic, it happens. This could be your kid, a friend and sometimes even your pet. There are ways to clean the carpet stains. Use the soft cloth, a towel may be to blot the spot. Make a quick mixture of cornstarch with water or use dry cornstarch and spread it evenly on the blotted spot. Leave it for few hours and then vacuum the spot. In case of general strains – this home based cleaning tip will work.

If the stain still remains, may be you need help from Carpet Cleaning professionals. Or you may write to us and share the case. Send in a mail to, care@mmwool.com